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Time Keeps on Slippin’

Tomorrow I am faced with the unenviable task of figuring out precisely what actually happened during last month’s Mage session. If you’re wondering why that’s so difficult (after all, I was there), then you don’t realize that last month’s session involved dueling Time Mages.

My brain hurts just remembering that there was a session last month.

Then there is the communication spirit standing around the cabal’s Silver Ladder Mage, Arrow, with a sign telling him that there is a problem with their phones that they noticed just after the poor innocent young woman that they were trying to kidnap managed to punt herself backwards in time long enough to escape from their kidnapping attempt. Except of course that she didn’t manage to punt herself backward in time because a certain purple haired troublemaker (AENAIYAH!) punted herself backward in time to erect a time lock to prevent the punting from ever happening.

Just before all of these actions that didn’t happen Aenaiyah was kidnapped in retaliation for the kidnapping attempt that her friends had just initiated… but that didn’t happen either because – you guessed it – she pushed herself back in time a few seconds to give herself a chance to escape the fact that the air around her head had just been turned into chloroform…wait… was about to be turned into chloroform… by entering the portal to where her friends had been beating on a poor defenseless Acanthus Mage who had just punted herself backward in time before Aenaiyah arrived.

Which didn’t happen because when she arrived and discovered what happened… almost… because it didn’t happen… but when she first got there it really  had in fact just happened… sort of…gah!… she went backward in time to prevent it.

Fortunately for her (and for what’s left of my sanity) she left a message with someone who has an Acanthus friend and knows better than to ask certain questions to remind her to cast a Time Locking spell when she stops by later as part of the kidnapping attempt preparations… just because it’s a good idea and she might forget later.

My decades of Doctor Who fandom served my well last month. The fact that “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” is permanently etched into my semblance of a brain certainly didn’t hurt either. (remember a trash can!)

Large doses of alcohol would really come in handy tomorrow – so I’m expecting donations from my players. Hopefully they know what’s good for their characters.

It is a fleeting hope.

Mages Make Me Cry


Never Mind the Body Posed in the Van… It’s All Good

The Old Posed Body in the Van TrickYou will never receive such a text message from any self-respecting Guardian of the Veil.

You might, however, receive such a text message if you happen to regularly hang out with an Acanthus Mage from the Mysterium.

And if there is a crazy pack of Werewolves in your city.

Let me try to explain:

Way back in the beginning of 2009 someone thought it would be a great idea to run a multi-table campaign set in White Wolfe Publishing’s “World of Darkness”. The idea seemed simple, elegant even… at first. A table of Werewolves and a table of Mages having adventures in the same city in the same timeframe. Every so often their paths may cross. In theory, this was a great idea!

In Theory.

In reality you have a situation that no good can come of. It should have been simple. Some initial sessions for each table from modules to allow the characters to develop a bit, and then you use elements of the character’s backgrounds and current actions to build a campaign story. The Mages were reasonably cooperative with this.

The Werewolves decided to pose a body in the driver’s seat of a van to “call out” the supernatural entity that committed the murder.

They didn’t stop there though. Oh no. That wasn’t nearly obvious enough. They posed this body in the driver’s seat of the van with the keys in the ignition and the headlights on.

The headlights were shining on a tree with the Pack’s territory marker on it.

They left the driver’s door open such that the “you-left-your-key-in-the-ignition-and-your-headlights-on” tone would beep incessantly in the night.

They did this right outside of Central Park, Manhattan.

(And in the interests of complete honesty… at every single place in the module where it mentions something the players might think to do that is smart, they did the opposite. As for every single place in the module where it is pointed out the players could not possibly be dumb enough to embark on a particular course of action… well I’m sure you can see how that went.)

It wasn’t long before the Guardians of the Veil tasked a group of expendable, and well-respected, young Mages to find out what kind of sick, twisted, depraved abomination would do such a thing. The Mage players were not told it was the players at the table in the next room.

In retrospect, hilarity did ensue. (In fact, the looks on their faces at the very moment when they realized the truth is permanently etched into the pleasure centers of my brain.)

My co-GM and I thought, and had hoped to be perfectly honest, that this would lead to fighting between the two groups. It was only the third session of the campaign at this point and Mages are rather squishy when they’re young. In comparison Werewolves are, well they’re F@%#ing Werewolves! We were hoping for some good Player-on-Player violence out of this situation! Maybe even a good character death or two! FTW!

Instead they became BFF’s. #sigh

So now we’re stuck with a table of Crazy Mages and a table of Crazy Werewolves traipsing around New York City together ruining all of our glorious plans.

Why God? WHY??

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