Tranquility Base: in its heyday it was a farming community. It was supposed to be a place of rest for those whose minds couldn’t take the stresses of everyday life. That’s what they told the planning board anyway.

So what was causing the brownouts? Why on earth would a farming community need so much power? What were they using it for?

Amid budget cuts and public protest Tranquility Base was closed. That was decades ago, and yet the almost 2,000 acres of land remain untouched. Even now, in the still of the night, some say they can still hear the patients screaming.

The Gig:
“Truly Terrifying Tales” is slated to be the flagship show of the brand new “Occult Channel”. The two hour pilot episode, “Tranquility Base Farms” is all about an abandoned farm colony that opened in the mid 1930’s and was eventually closed down in the early 1980’s. Abandoned for three decades, the site is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of patients and workers alike. Some rumors even claim that the spirits that roam these grounds are far older than the hospital itself. Far older.

“Tranquility Base Farms” is shooting tonight. The full moon tonight should make for some nice atmospheric shots of the abandoned property. This is a one night shoot, and so no lodgings or extensive provisions will be required.

Face off against Supernatural Forces in this “World of Darkness” adventure!

And remember: In the Asylum, everyone hears you scream.


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