An Environment of Excellence

Your children, they are your gift to the world. They are that part of you that will live on bringing new glory to your name, adding to your family’s already rich history. They are the future of your house, and their actions will shape the way the world will remember you for generations to come.

And how will the future remember you? Will you be known for producing fine young men and women born to lead mankind to ever greater achievement? Will your name be linked to a Nobel or a Pulitzer? Will your sons and daughters grace the covers of Forbes? Scientific American? Time Magazine?  Or will your progeny’s finest moments only be fit for Sick, Sad World?

If you fear that your child may be on the path to tabloid headlines and appointments with their parole officers the time to act is now! Take swift, decisive action while they are young enough for those records to be permanently sealed, never to trouble you again. At C-Suite Academy we have an unsurpassed record of molding unfocused tweens into Titans of Industry. Don’t leave your legacy in the hands of lesser “institutes” or, it shames me to even say it: “public schools”.  With tuitions that low there is no telling who your precious child will be mixing with!

Pario, Subicio, Innovo: Acquire, Forge, Return. We acquire formless youths. We forge them in the fires of discipline and hard work. We return them to you, finely honed and ready to help you expand your empire.

C-Suite Academy, your reputation is worth it.

Buy "World of Darkness: Innocents" at a game store near you!

An Original Adventure for White Wolf’s “Innocents”
part of the “World of Darkness”  game system.


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