Quit While You’re Ahead

“Even if it is true, who’s going to believe it?”

TV Executives are complete SOBs.

“Even if it is true”? What the hell is that supposed to mean? You think I’m making this shit up? How can you see the footage we brought back and think we’re lyin’?  So now they’re gonna take our footage and instead of a reality TV series or a serious news piece they’re gonna turn it into a “major motion picture” with one of those cheesy “based on actual events” taglines. Sure we’re getting’ some additional cash out of it because they’re using it in a different format, but it still blows. Then again, havin’ my name on a fancy feature film as Director of Photography ain’t exactly bad for my career, and I gotta admit that the extra cash takes some of the sting out of it. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be the next “Night of the Living Dead” or turn into some internet meme or somethin’. Until our footage actually hits those big screens we still gotta take what we can get though. It’s the nature of the business.

‘We’… still gettin’ used to that… bein’ part of a production company instead freelancin’ on my own.  After what we went through that night stickin’ together felt like the best way to stay safe, you know? Not to mention sane. “50 Shades of Play” ain’t exactly career building material, but it’ll keep the bills paid. As an added bonus I probably won’t wind up running for my life from a bunch of strippers.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m not goin’ in unprepared for such an eventuality. I was at the Asylum that night. I know what happened there. I’ll never be unprepared again.

R Halloran
Director of Photography
Alternate Reality Productions

Hunter: the Vigil

An Original Adventure for White Wolf’s “Hunter: the Vigil” 
part of the “World of Darkness”  game system.


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