Mundus Patet

10 Minutes Ago… Slightly Past Midnight…

The emergency phone in Glamdring’s office rings. She trades glances with the Guardian of the Veil sitting across from her at the desk and puts it on speaker. They both recognize the Caller ID.

“Macabre? Glamdring. What’s going on out there?” Macabre is a nice guy, but she knows he isn’t always the most reliable of sources. Maybe they’ll catch a break and it’ll be nothing more serious than kids with spray paint.

“Gunshots. I’m tellin’ ye I heard gunshots, comin’ from the… Potter’s Field, I think.”

The head of the Adamantine Arrow in New York City  is not pleased. “Why do gunshots concern me, Macabre? Regular police can worry about gunshots. You don’t need my Arrows for that.”

“To be sure, but we don’t want no regular officers pokin’ around here what with the weird lightnin’ an’ chantin’ an’ all.”

Glamdring arches an eyebrow at Narsil, the Guardian, who covers his face with his hand.  “Weird lightning? Chanting?! Wait a minute, isn’t tonight the night that film crew is supposed to be there?” Weird lightning could mean magic, or it could be the film crew staging crap and Macabre falling for it.

“Oh, they were here aright, but they wen’t flyin’ outta here like bats outta hell a few moments ago. Rammed their van right through me gate! Damn rotten kids. An’ that weird lightnin’…did I mention the chantin’?”

“Yes, you mentioned the chanting.”

“Somebody’s playin’ with Magic out here Glamdring. I’m tellin’ ye. An’ I ain’t cleanin’ up after them neither! You can betcher sweet…”

“Alright Macabre! I’ll send some people your way to help deal with whatever it is that’s going on. There must be somebody around that will go…” The low, rumbling moan of something not entirely dead can be heard through the phone’s speaker.

“Is that… moaning?” The beleaguered Guardian does not look pleased by this new development.

“Narsil! Ye’re there too? Yeah, yeah that be moanin’. I tell ya it wasn’t me this time neither! I didna go raizin’ no zombies out here. An’ why would I? Ain’t got no use for no zombies way out here…”

“All right, Macabre. It wasn’t you. Got it.” Narsil crosses his left hand over his right, cradling his face with both.  “You said the film crew left the scene, right?”

“Yeah, they couldna get outta here fast enough I tell ye.”

Narsil jots a few notes on a piece of paper. That film crew will need to be dealt with. The fun just never ends.

“We’ll get a team out there right away. Hang tight, Macabre. Glamdring out.”

So much for that break.


Mage: the Awakening

An Original Adventure for White Wolf’s “Mage: the Awakening” 
part of the “World of Darkness”  game system.


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