Full-Throttle Space Tales #5: Space Tramps

Space Tramps: Full-Throttle Space Tales #5See the universe! Keep your own schedule. Never pay taxes. Be the master of your own fate, beholden to nothing and no one save your own whims. Life is about the journey after all, not the staying in one place and working for the man. Life as a Space Tramp sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s even a bit romantic?

If you answered yes to those questions you want to make sure you read “Full-Throttle Space Tales #5: Space Tramps” before beginning your new life on the fringes of society. What looks at first glance like freedom might turn out to be enslavement by lady luck, and she is not always a kind or benevolent mistress. You might find yourself on a ship that’s been driven off course, and has run out of fuel. Maybe you’re a refugee, who has been offered a solid job working for a government that you grew up distrusting, and they are giving you everything you ever dreamed of… until you are asked to do one simple thing that could simultaneously change the course of the war that ruined your childhood and take away the bright future you’ve only just glimpsed. If you were stranded on an out of the way space station with no way off and money running out would any job look too good to be true?

“Full-Throttle Space Tales #5: Space Tramps” is an anthology filled with the stories of people living on the stellar fringes. That life can be brutal, and that it can also be short is sometimes the only mercy you’ll get. The 16 tales in “Space Tramps” show life through the eyes of those who chose to face the universe on their own terms, and those who didn’t. Some find a way to rise above their circumstances; others clear a path to true freedom for those who come after. Space Tramps may have nothing, but sometimes they have each other – and sometimes that’s all they need.


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