Guardian of the Fail:

What happens when a young Obrimos Mage in his prime joins an order that’s seen too many episodes of Alias?

Hilarity Ensues, that’s what!

I bring to you:

Top 10 Changeling Pickup Lines

(to use if you never want to get laid again)

  • 10. Do you like Arcadian Games?*
  • 9. Stop hedging, you know you like me!
  • 8. Like the song says, “sooner or later it comes down to Faete… I might as well be the one!”
  • 7. You can Contract me any time!
  • 6. Give me a chance… have a Changeling of heart!
  • 5. Looking for the right person can be a thorny situation. Luckily you found me!
  • 4. I may be Wyrd, but I’m fun!
  • 3. What a Glamourous dress!
  • 2. You hair looks quite fetching!
And the Number 1 way for a Guardian of the Veil to NOT pick up a Changeling is…


(as he hands her his FBI card with his name and phone number)

Aurdiangae of the Ailfae!!

*Yes, this was his first line. Clearly he has forgotten that Arcades went out of style decades ago.


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  1. ::facepalm::

  2. Do you see what I have to deal with?!

  3. I remember that session. The Werewolf GM and I stepped into the Mage game room a moment because my character was calling a mage. One player laughed so hard she nearly fell off her chair. Two others were so red in the face from laughing it was almost scary. The rest were laughing until they wept. It got so bad, two players from another room noticed, too, and had to see what was going on.

    To prevent future problems, Shannon offered to teach said Guardian the supernatural fact of life, so to speak, over a cup of coffee. He’s yet to take her up on the offer. sigh

    He also hasn’t become any more discreet judging by game events in Bay Shore.

  4. You can’t be serious. Argus is the master of subtlety!

  5. The moment that really did us all in was when Ryan/Rex said “Yeah, call us if you need help with that burning bridge,” and Doc/Argus went “There are burning bridges there now?! What are they, burning bridges made of children? Who are also drowning?!” and went on and in in distress.

  6. Argus’ distress is like music to me. It’s fine ambrosia that warms that dark little hole where my heart should be. 😀

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