Requiem for a Douchebag

The Mages now have two bodies on their hands: both fellow Awakened. The ghost of this latest victim is somewhat drunk, and so is not likely to be of much help. They do know a little bit about him though.

Enigma had been an ill-respected member of the Mysterium. He was somewhat lazy and self centered, and really only landed in the Mysterium because he had been a professor at NYU. He had been with the english department until some scandal involving a student caused him to lose his job. If anyone in the Mysterium who knew him told you that they were surprised by this they would be lying. Enigma reeked trouble, which is why he never found a cabal to fit in with. He was universally distrusted. As a result he found no sympathy when the following story reached the Consillium’s ears.

Karen Myers, a student at NYU, was taking American Literature with Professor J Dowe (AKA: Enigma). She hadn’t been doing well in the class. Otherwise a straight A student, Karen set up an appointment to discuss her poor grades with her professor. Karen, in the habit of recording her classes with a digital voice recorder, recorded the meeting as well. It became clear to her during the course of the meeting that Professor Dowe had taken a liking to her and graded her harshly in an attempt to obtain favors from the young woman. The dean of the literature department and the president of the university agreed with Karen, and Professor Dowe was dismissed. Seeking to avoid bad press, the University arranged a settlement with Myers that included a full scholarship, and the re-evaluation of her coursework by the Dean of the English Department. Myers, only seeking to be treated fairly, agreed to not drag either the professor or the university (or herself for that matter) through the disgrace of a public trial. She was happy to have her tuition and board covered by the settlement, allowing her to graduate without facing years of student loan payments.

This gives the Mages a place to start. Perhaps there is something about the Myers case that will lead our friends to some link between Enigma and Matt, the animator who hadn’t even been a Mage long enough to have chosen a shadow name. Maybe there is something about NYU that will lead the Mages closer to this multiple murderer.

And heck, if not maybe Argus can find a date: Changeling Pick-Up Lines

Mages Make Me Cry


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