Those Meddling… Puppets?

The first thing Aenaiyah spotted as she walked from work to the train platform was his feet sticking out from behind a car.  As she got closer she realized that she recognized this man from the bar. He had been there quite a bit lately, usually the last one to leave. At first she thought that maybe he had simply passed out, but soon realized that he was well and truly dead. Not being overly fond of dealing with corpses, Aenaiyah decided to call on Riff-Raff. Both as a Moros Mage and a former NYPD Officer dead bodies were no problem for him. At first glance it did appear to be alcohol poisoning, but Riff-Raff did pick up spell resonance here so he cast Forensic Gaze to see what really happened.

What really happened was that someone had bashed this man’s face in with a heavy, blunt object. This is precisely what had really happened to a certain stop motion animator. If the puppets hadn’t tried to fix him…

Did I forget to tell you that part? I think I might have. You see the animator had tried to attune himself to his tools, in this case puppets, to bring about a harmonious accord that would help him in his work. He had believed this to be some new age meditation thing, but in truth it had been a spell that would rouse the innate spirit of an inanimate object causing it to become a Supernally Honed object. Normally this would only have caused the puppets to not show wear and tear as much, or maybe to hold position a little better while Matt was setting up takes. For whatever reason, this time the spell had done something more than that. Matt’s job involved animating the puppets, and so that’s what the spirits in the studio did. Fortunately for Matt (and everyone else at the studio) the studio spirits were by and large a fun loving group. They enjoyed having these nifty bodies to move around in, and they liked Matt. When they saw Matt get broken, they figured that somebody had to fix him. They tested out colors to match against his skin just like the puppet doctors did when they had to fix worn out puppets. They cut him open with a sculpting knife to fill him with more silicone, figuring that he had worked so hard that he had worn his out and that might be why he wasn’t standing up anymore. As hard as they tried, all they wound up with was a gruesome mess of a corpse that was found by a security guard, who called the police, who called a certain FBI Agent he knew who tended to wind up with the weird cases.  Had the puppets not tried to fix Matt the security guard would have found a much tidier corpse, and the police would have written it off as a drug overdose even though Matt had no prior history with drugs. Whoever killed him saw to it that there had been plenty of evidence in him to trigger that conclusion. Whoever killed him knew exactly what they were doing, and they would have gotten away with it too… just like they had so many times before.

Mages Make Me Cry


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  1. “And I would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling puppets”?

    Is there a reason why I never saw you on episodes of Scooby Doo? Are you the mastermind behind all of the nefarious plots?

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