No Mage a l’Orange?

So now, with the Mages and Werewolves having suddenly become BFFs, it was time for them to come up with a plan. This was somewhat irksome, as the Werewolf GM and I had never anticipated this happenstance. After all, in the weeks following the announcement that there would be a campaign starting, and in the sessions leading up to this one, the Werewolves were throwin’ down! They were all over the message board wondering whether Mages tasted best with ketchup, mustard, or barbecue sauce. Perhaps they should be marinated? Broiled? Baked? Fried? What side dishes go best with Mage? Fortunately there is a large group of Mages so we can experiment with recipes! Nom nom nom.

That the Mages, after all of this, were honestly trying to warn these people of potential danger was beyond ludicrous. That after all of this talk about how they better skewer those Mages while they’re still young and squishy the Werewolves instead asked for treats and belly scratches made me want to cry.

It still does.

Despite my fondest wishes the two groups decided to work together. Argus managed to track down the NBC employee and discovered that there was to be another club night that very evening!  The NBC employee had an invitation but didn’t want it. He also had a location (the club moves every night), and gave that information up. The Werewolves were also able to come up with invitations and a location, and the locations matched up. So far, so good. The groups scouted out the place, a construction site in Midtown Manhattan, and saw that there were temporary walls and such being put up inside. It all made sense for what they would expect from a temporary nightclub that moved around the city. They needed only to wait until later that evening to get some answers.

And so they waited.

As the time drew near they noticed that someone was standing near the entrance to the temporary structure. Clearly he was some sort of bouncer.  Aenaiyah cast “Perfect Moment” to improve her chances of a clean entry. Argus went invisible, again (bastard!), and Werewolf Matteus laid in wait as Aenaiyah made her approach.

And a slut-tastic approach it was! She was all batting eyelashes and “Oh my, what big strong biceps you have!”

Naturally the bouncer let her in, which was really not supposed to happen. That hadn’t been part of the plan at all, which really shouldn’t have surprised me but in my defense it was only my third session. I was only just starting to see this accursed pattern.

And then Werewolf Matteus made the bouncer his bitch.

That wasn’t supposed to happen either.

Why is it that what I plan and what takes place ain’t ever exactly similar?

Mages Make Me Cry


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  1. Because magic. Really, that’s honestly the answer.

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