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Free RPG Day 2013

Tomorrow (06/15/2013) is Free RPG Day! Hooray!

If you’re new to gaming, or looking to get back into gaming, or want to give a new system a spin, or willing to accept any excuse to play an RPG, tomorrow is a great day to do it.

Also, tomorrow is a great day to find the nearest FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) and show them some love. And don’t go telling me that you don’t know how to find a good olde fashioned FLGS, just pull up the map and find one. That’s an order, dammit!

Now get out there and game!


Mages Make Me Cry



Good News Everyone!

A few weeks back I mourned the loss of my beloved Ravenblood Games.

While I still mourn that loss, I am happy to say that like The Phoenix a new Game Store will rise from the ashes* of the old!

Legendary Realms Games is having a grand opening party THIS WEEKEND! There will be food, games, and did I mention food? And the LIRP will be there in force. What’s not to love?

Of course it won’t be the same without Pete there to give traumatizing names to people’s characters if they can’t come up with one of their own, or to yell “Nerds… Go Home!” when we overstay our welcome.

In fact, I do believe that we successfully completed our final Ravenblood Mission: Do Not Let Ravenblood Close on 5/25. We hung around until 3AM, and since we paid for our purchases after midnight we kept the store open for one… more… day. (We WON!)

That said, the folks at Legendary Realms are great folks who have been selling us stuff for years at RetCon.  While it won’t be quite the same, it will still be great! And who knows, we may even roll the occasional “Wild Pete” on the Wandering Monster Table – at least until he moves.

So come on down and play some games this Saturday and Sunday (6/8 and 6/9) and have some food. It’s a party!

Legendary Realms Games


Mages Make Me Cry


*Fortunately for all those are figurative ashes. No Game Store was harmed in the making of this transformation.

Well, That Happened

MageMistress is a sad puppy this week. Just when I thought that things would settle back into a normal routine and I could start scheduling game sessions again I got the bad news.

My beloved Friendly Local Game Store is closing.

Ravenblood Games is one of a kind. It’s spacious, and clean, and filled with great people who just want to hang out with other great people and play some games. RPGs, board games, CCGs, miniature warfare, deck-building games – chances are if it’s a game then someone at Ravenblood Games would be willing to give a try. (if they weren’t already enthusiastically familiar with it)

If you’re in the Long Island Area and you want to see what a game store can be, what it should be, then head over to Ravenblood Games before it’s too late. You have until Memorial Day weekend, and then it will be gone forever.

Mages Make Me Cry

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