Well, That Happened

MageMistress is a sad puppy this week. Just when I thought that things would settle back into a normal routine and I could start scheduling game sessions again I got the bad news.

My beloved Friendly Local Game Store is closing.

Ravenblood Games is one of a kind. It’s spacious, and clean, and filled with great people who just want to hang out with other great people and play some games. RPGs, board games, CCGs, miniature warfare, deck-building games – chances are if it’s a game then someone at Ravenblood Games would be willing to give a try. (if they weren’t already enthusiastically familiar with it)

If you’re in the Long Island Area and you want to see what a game store can be, what it should be, then head over to Ravenblood Games before it’s too late. You have until Memorial Day weekend, and then it will be gone forever.

Mages Make Me Cry


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  1. That has to hurt. How will this affect RetCon, if at all?

  2. IDon’tWantToFindANewGameStore! 😦

  3. I don’t want to find a new game store either. 😦

    RetCon should not be affected beyond the fact that Ravenblood Games won’t be a vendor at the convention any more. RetCon is run by the Long Island Role Players, and the person who runs the LIRP is still here.

    I imagine we will all be raising a glass to Ravenblood at the con this year. (and ever after)

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