A Gravity Well?

Meanwhile, back at the hall of Werewolves…

Trouble is brewing in the city. Isn’t it always? Rumor has it that the person behind Sick, Sad World has been murdered in his home. The Werewolves went to investigate and found… a human eyeball in a jar. They found out, the hard way of course, that this eyeball was part of a Promethean. The hard way involved the eyeball using its retina to unscrew the lid of the jar from inside, scramble out of the jar,  and open all the gas jets on their stove.

The Werewolves’ GM is a sick twisted jerk, which is why we get along so well.

With their lair nearly blown up in a massive gas explosion, the Werewolves were in need of a place to crash. Argus, our Guardian of the Veil, was (understandably, in my opinion) less than eager to have the Werewolves crash at their Sanctum. The Werewolves are, after all, possibly being chased by a Promethean of unknown origin and power. I can understand how that’s a matter of some concern. As a result the Mages cast a time bubble at a certain abandoned monastery so the Werewolves can get a bunch of sleep in a very short time, after which Argus keeps an invisible eye on them to make sure they don’t wind up in over their heads.

Which, naturally enough, they do.

It is at precisely the point when Argus creates a gravity well the size of a football field centered on the Promethean practically pinning it to the ground (did I mention that it had just kicked the crap out of a party of Werewolves?) that the Werewolf GM realized what I am up against. In the decades of GMing I have seen him do I have never seen him speechless as a GM before that moment. Keep  in mind: this is the kind of horse-puckey I put up with every session.

 Damn You WordPress Formatting!


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I facepalm at you!

The Werewolves had been smart enough to track down a gargoyle to help them fight the Promethean and the Promethean was still kicking their asses! You see, the Promethean countered by grabbing a homeless man and forcing him to look at the Gargoyle causing said Gargoyle to turn to stone. (The Werewolf GM rolled a WITS+COMP for the Promethean to see if it could spot a likely candidate nearby. Since our setting is the World of Darkness version of New York City it succeeded!) This left the collective group of players with an important decision to make two rounds after the Mages showed up and slaughtered the poor monstrosity without breaking a sweat: what do we do with this homeless guy? Argus argued in favor of leaving him be on the street with a bottle of his favorite beverage to compensate him for his time. This is not a terrible plan as far as the Guardians are concerned since he isn’t really a reliable source in any case and the Consilium has bigger issues to worry about. It isn’t an awesome plan since he is aware of the Supernatural and who knows what ill may come of this, but it isn’t a terrible plan. The Werewolf Alpha Female takes issue with this plan however. She wants to help this man. She thinks they need to find out why he is on the street. She feels like maybe they can help him.

As GMs it is our solemn duty to make her regret that decision.

Mages Make Me Cry


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