Project Lullaby

Project Lullaby
Seer Brahms

Proposal: Project Lullaby

Pentacle Orders have been obtaining funding under the auspices of CIA project MK Ultra to test the potential of lysergic acid diethylamide since roughly 1950. While their experiments have not held promise toward their aims of controlled Awakening, I believe that the true promise of lysergic acid diethylamide (hereafter LSD) is to prevent, and possibly even reverse, the Awakening process.

The following has been excerpted from Pentacle records with regard to CIA project MK Ultra.

Point: There exists anecdotal evidence that links LSD with visions of the supernal.

There are copious references in drug culture to experiences that “transcend” the normal world. For example, LSD users have been cited as being able to “see” sounds and “feel” colors. Their descriptions often bare similarities to that which we know as uses of “Mage Sight”.

Question: Is it possible to use LSD to bring about Awakening in a controlled environment.

Experiment: Expose Sleepers/Sleepwalkers to the drug LSD to determine suitability for use in controlled Awakening.

::: End Excerpt:::

According to information obtained by Seer operatives present during testing there was no conclusive evidence linking LSD to Awakening. At best LSD temporarily, though unreliably, induced a Sleepwalking state in users.

Point: Exposure to LSD induces a Sleepwalking state in some individuals

Though experimental results were unreliable, LSD does show promise in bringing about a Sleepwalking state in some individuals.

Point: There is no known evidence of a Sleepwalker having experienced a full Awakening.

Sleepwalkers are those Sleepers who have had memorable experiences of the Supernal, yet have not fully Awakened. Despite many years of working with these Sleepwalkers, there is not even one recorded incident in which a Sleepwalker has attained full Awakened capabilities.

Question: Is it possible to use LSD to induce a temporary “Sleepwalking” state that will prevent individuals from Awakening in the future?

Question: Is it possible to use LSD to sever the connection between a Mage and his/her Watchtower, reducing the Mage to a Sleepwalking state?

Experiment: Captured Pentacle Mages will be exposed to the drug LSD for varying periods of time. These individuals will be watched by Seers to determine the following:

  • Is the Mage able to cast spells while under the effects of LSD?
  • Is the Mage able to cast spells after the effects of LSD have worn off?
  • Is the Mage able to remember past Supernal experiences after exposure to LSD?
  • Does exposure to LSD alter a Mage’s aura?
    • If there is a change, what is the nature of the change?
    • If there is a change, does the change last after the drug has cleared the body?

Additionally, Sleeper scientists within the CIA have conducted other experiments using combinations of LSD and other mind altering agents (as well as electroshock). While most of these are irrelevant to us, there is one avenue that is of interest. Can LSD be used to implant alternate personalities in patients?

While it is possible for any Mastigos to control the mind of another being for limited durations, and even to permanently erase memories from a target, this magical tampering can be picked up and countered by others with talent in the Mind Arcanum. If LSD can in fact be used to deeply implant agendas in the mind of a Mage or Sleepwalker these commands, since non-magical in nature, would not be able to be countered. Further, would it possible to hide this tampering from scanning altogether? Since LSD breaks down in the body relatively quickly, it is possible that these alternate personalities might not be detectable as ‘foreign thoughts’ using Awakened magic. If so, the potential to place unknowing Seer agents among the Pentacle Orders would be greatly enhanced.

Question: Can LSD, in combination with other mind altering techniques not involving magic, be used to create hidden personalities in Awakened?

Question: Can these ‘hidden personalities’ be ferreted out as foreign tampering by those skilled in the Mind Arcanum?


Experimentation will involve long-term exposure of captured Pentacle Mages to LSD, combined with electroshock techniques and other drugs. The trials will run along lines similar to those of CIA project MK Ultra (packet included) geared toward the creation of new, hidden personalities in individuals. If new personalities are successfully implanted, skilled Mastigos Seers will probe the subjects to determine if the new program is distinguishable in magic scans.

If successful, these experiments have the potential to greatly increase the vision of our Ministry.

Vision is power.


Mages Make Me Cry


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