I Don’t Feel Tardy

Class was indeed about to begin, but who was about to get schooled? A ranting madman holds Aenaiyah and several others as a captive audience to his lecture on the dangers of city life. Argus stands behind him, invisible for the moment, and a quick switch to Prime Sight shows him that Aenaiyah’s fellow students are Sleepers. Someone will have to get them out of there before anything inexplicable happens.

Enter our second Acanthus Mage and friends. With a quick twisting of Fate she chooses a path that leads to Aenaiyah and Argus. That she has a sympathetic connection to both of them doesn’t hurt any, simply follow the Fate line!

Eventually the others arrive. Argus holds his action, waiting for a good moment to strike (he was smart like that once upon a time!), and eventually it arrives. He steps out of of sight range of the Sleepers present to drop invisibility, as the newly arrived Neils erects a Forces Wall between the lunatic and his victims. Argus steps out with gun drawn, and badge prominently displayed.

“Stop right there, FBI. Get your hands up where I can see them, now!”
(Or something to that effect)

At which point all hell breaks loose.

The madman whirls on Argus, who is standing directly behind him to draw his attention away from the kidnappees, a clever move. His plan works, and more than that it screens the tentacle that lashes out of the man’s chest at Argus’ throat.

Fortunately the Sleeper witnesses blew their WITS+COMPOSURE rolls. Apparently they were distracted by the young girl who wandered over to untie them. They hadn’t been well tied (apparently I roll a lot of rocks) and she managed to get them loose. She then used her Direction Sense merit to lead them back to the platform and away from the fight.

And what a fight it was!

Argus stuck to his service pistol for his first attack so as not to reveal Magic to Sleepers. The Flesh Intruder (though they did not have that name for it yet) lashed out with more tentacles (it has several attacks per round) and did a lovely job of poking holes through our favorite Guardian. Sadly, not lovely enough.

Nokoni was able to patch Argus up, while Neils “I Don’t Need No Stinkin Veil” of the Free Council hurled some Celestial Fire at the creature. Molly the Mastigos punched it in what was left of its brain, while Rex showed off his skill with a nail-gun-walking-cane.

The creature, not one to go quietly, got some more lashes in before finally being subdued by fire. The Mages quickly conferred and decided that burning the body utterly would be best. Before they did that though, they looked for any information they could find as to who this man had once been. There wasn’t much to go on. Rex was able to make brief contact with his ghost, but only enough to know that the man had in fact been a police officer. He was just far too gone to find out more than that.

This will bear further investigation, as soon as Aenaiyah stops screaming at Argus for waiting so long to untie her.

Mages Make Me Cry


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  1. Aenaiyah (The Acanthus)

    I thought they untined me with the rest of the ladies and I had shouted at THEM until they ran off so we didn’t have sleepers increasing paradox?

    That might have been another time, though. Yelling at Argus happens often enough that I’m not sure. . .

    • As I recall it they focused on untying the Sleepers first, and you yelled at them to go even though you were still tied up so Neils’ spell wouldn’t go all Paradoxy. I could be wrong, it was a Guardian long time ago in real life. (About 20 minutes ago in campaign time. 😉 )

      • I do seem to recall waiting until the witnesses left before unleashing the Paradox-inducing stuff. Though I’m willing to bet Aenaiyah yelled at Argus afterwards too…
        It’s occurred to me that the two of them are essentially married. They yell at each other all the time and (usually) don’t have sex.

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