What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re a science guy – a guy who does science. Your mission in life is to find out how and why the universe works, and you’re doing pretty well with that (you think) until you hit this stumbling block. There’s this point in your theories where something is wrong. There is some piece of vital information that you just dont have. There is one elusive key ingredient with which you could unlock the mysteries of everything if you only knew what it was. How irritating is that?

And then one day you wind up figuring out that the piece you were missing was the the Awakened Will… and now you have one! Good Morning Niels!

So now what? Sure, you’ve Awakened, and you have all this power… are you just going to throw away your quest for the answers to Life, The Universe, and Everything?


This is when you can really find things out. You’re gonna play with it! You’re gonna push the boundaries. Sure, the “Wise Mages” know that there are limits to the understanding of a young Mage that should limit what spells that Mage attempts… but as a scientist you understand more than the average newly Awakened rube! Why shouldn’t you try playing around with making ephemeral lab assistants and turning your lab space into a hallow? Paradox shmaradox. That never happens! Honestly, it’s probably just a scary story the elder Mages tell the younger Mages to keep them in line while taking bets as to how long it will take them to figure it out. Honestly, when was the last time you managed to invoke a paradox?

OK, there was that one time when Arrow claims a paradox he induced turned his toilet brush into a non-sentient and nondescript hotel maid while trying to disguise himself… but no one else was there and there aren’t any pictures so did it even really happen? And besides, if you can’t repeat the result by following the same steps then it’s scientifically insignificant anyway! He probably just miscast the spell.

And speaking of repeating the steps of an experiment to see if it can produce the same outcome, maybe it’s about time to try recreating that situation that happened in the basement a few weeks back. Yes, I know, Aenaiyah swears that it would have vaporized Manhattan in a billowing cloud of fiery death in 24 TO 48 HOURS (!!!) but who really believes her anyway? She’s just being excitable is all. That girl drinks way too much coffee… I mean tea… something with caffeine and sugar in it.

And I suppose that walking manifestation of Prime Magic that looked just like you was a bit unexpected, but it was also pretty cool wasn’t it? Can’t the world use another Niels? Sure it can!

Then of course there was the extra-nummy mana! All that double-strength super-potent glowy goodness flowed right into you every time you stepped foot in the lab. You have to admit that was pretty awesome. The speed of light may have been slightly altered by some aspect of the effect, true, but you can probably fix that problem if you have enough time to tweak the experiment. Just think of all that super-charged mana that could be yours! Eyes on the prize Niels!

And really, what better time than when your cabal mates are mucking around in Damien’s ex-Wife’s brain? It’s hardly as though they’re paying much attention to what Niels is doing at the moment, what with their being all preoccupied with astral constructs and stuff, and since your player has missed the last two sessions it really does feel like the right time for another breakthrough, doesn’t it?

Why, if you keep on experimenting Magekind could benefit in many ways… many of them good!

What could possibly go wrong?

Mages Make Me Cry


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  1. Aenaiyah (The Acanthus)

    I swear, if we get another dopple-Neils I’m killing the real one and keeping the clone.

    • But how will you tell which one is real?

      • Aenaiyah (The Acanthus)

        With everyone’s favorite spell: postcognition. Whichever one popped up from a pool of paradox will be the one I keep.

        And if it turns out that’s the both of you . . . . well, I won’t be terribly surprised. Annoyed? Yes. Surprised? No.

      • Sounds like a plan. Unless you know what sorts of experimentation Niels was doing. Maybe he was figuring out if casting while upside down and naked except for socks would help…

      • I can’t wait for the next time Aenaiyah casts Post Cognition!

  2. Hehe. So, who’s up for some Science?

  3. Good. If Niels screws something up then some of the “unfounded” hatred towards Arrow might vanish. I’m all for Paradox Basement Part II: The Paradoxing.

  4. I love how his science involves standing from the ceiling in just socks while casting spells.

    • Aenaiyah loves it too! There is nothing she loves more than casting Post-Cognition and never being able to unsee the things she just saw.

      Oh wait… that’s me who loves that!

    • It’s important to be thorough in your research, you know.

      As a perfectly real example, there’s a particular kind of protein that doesn’t crystallize properly unless put into a solution of diluted pickle juice.,,

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