The Big Picture

Where to begin? Do I start with the part when my favorite Mastigos Mage whipped out his copy of “Summoners” and declared that he was going to start summoning someone’s inner demons? How about the naked Thyrsus Mage that has been traipsing about in the mind of his cabal-mate’s ex-wife? I’d start with the activities of a certain naked Thyrsus Mage that are “no cause for alarm”, but that would be too big a spoiler for some folks who aren’t aware of those activities yet. Maybe I should go back to the beginning. Maybe I should start with a Lullaby.

Project Lullaby:

In the Awakened community there are two view points that are absolutely at odds with each other. On the one hand you have the Pentacle Mages. These Mages believe that Atlantis was a glorious city filled with wonder and all things good. They believe that Awakening is the birth right of humanity and that all of humanity needs to Awaken so that Paradox can be cast out of the Fallen World for all time.

The Seers pretty much believe that they are nuts. The Seers fear a world in which everyone can impose their will upon reality. They believe that if everyone Awakened the combined force of opposing wills working to pull the world in as many different directions as there are people would in fact rip the world apart. While this might put an end to Paradox, no one would be around to enjoy it. The Seers believe that Atlantis fell for a reason.

The Pentacle Mages pretty much believe that they are nuts.

Many years ago some people thought that it would be a great idea to experiment with brain chemistry. This gave the world LSD. The Pentacle Mages were extremely excited by the potential of LSD to prepare the mind to Awaken to the Supernal. They guided these experiments along. They carefully monitored the results. They provided funding when it was needed. Ultimately, as far as anyone is saying anyway (when they say anything at all), these experiments were inconclusive at best. They have come to be known as project MK Ultra.

The Seers also saw a potential in LSD. They saw the possibility of using the drug to lull Awakened minds back to sleep. They saw a means of potentially limiting the damage that can be done by those who would abuse magic. They also saw a problem in the form of a previously unknown phenomena: people Awakening without a Watchtower. In a natural Awakening the Watchtower is a beacon for the Awakening soul. It guides the soul along a Path. It is a tether that anchors the Awakened to certain spheres of influence. To Awaken between Paths… it was unheard of. It lead to madness! It had to be stopped. They called their work toward this end Project Lullaby.

The struggle has raged for decades. If the Pentacle Mages are aware of the dangers of MK Ultra they are not admitting it to anyone. If the Seers’ methods are a bit extreme well, they are only doing what they have to do to keep everyone safe, right? They each have good reasons for doing what they do. They each believe that they are working to make the world a better, safer place for everyone. Caught in the middle you have the more recently Awakened. You have player characters who have to decide for themselves what the right course of action is. Is Awakening a birth right, or a dangerous aberration? Should humanity be uplifted to the Supernal Realms, or content itself within the limits of the Fallen World? Was Atlantis a shining light in the darkness, or an example of absolute power corrupting absolutely?

Who are they to decide?

Mages Make Me Cry


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  1. You left out the part where I [spoilers redacted]. And the [redacted] with the [redacted]. Or how about when [redacted] went and [redacted] with [redacted] over [redacted]. At least we found out I’m more endowed than [redacted].

  2. I have to admit, I really like having this particular part of the game put into your words. It’s obvious where Niels comes in on the spectrum, but I see certain ways where, for instance, the Guardians aren’t really that different from the Seers…

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