The Hits Just Keep On Coming

It took some doing, but I did finally manage to put together a mostly coherent timeline based upon all that horrible brain busting stuff I posted last week.

Here’s where we stand:

The PCs (AKA: “The Good Guys”) lured a Seer of the Throne to Central Park with claims of wanting to talk with her. She specifically asked if she was to show up alone, and when Damien (“Good Guy”) said “No, you can bring someone else” she dropped her guard a bit and brought someone.

The PCs (“Good Guys”) shoved her through a portal and started beating on her as she tried to escape.

~~~~~REDACTED: To Prevent Sanity Loss~~~~~

The PCs (“Good Guys”) continued to beat on The Seer while she couldn’t get away.

The Seer (Evil Doer) healed herself in the hopes of escaping when the spells that held her in place wore off, if she lived that long. She was kind enough to warn Aenaiyah that if she dies it will be harder to get to Betsy.

Rex (“Good Guy”) said that it wouldn’t be a problem because they would simply interrogate her ghost – so no one should hold back and they should just kill her. He uses plasticity to mold a chunk of concrete over the portal so that Seer +1 can’t use the portal to get into the room with them.

Arrow (Good Guy – note the lack of quotation marks) suggests that killing her isn’t a very nice thing to do, and maybe they really should hear her out since it isn’t like she has attacked them yet! (I feel compelled to note here that Arrow has, if not the lowest Wisdom in the group, the second lowest. I may have to fix that!)

The Seer’s +1 turns the air around everyone in the room into chloroform, which would knock everyone out without lasting ill effect. Sadly, everyone makes their stamina roll and has one more round to act as the gas begins to work. (They were in a big room.) Some take this round to continue beating on a woman who is about to be knocked out by chloroform anyway. Rex (the matter Mage) spontaneously creates respirators to prevent his Cabal from being affected by the gas.

Seer +1 drops the chloroform, clearly it won’t be helpful at this juncture, and turns a chunk of concrete into a massive swarm of wasps. (Wasps can sting more than once, and they provide good cover for his fellow Seer to escape.)

Arrow becomes the Wasp Queen and holds the wasps at bay. His Cabal-Mates take advantage of this opportunity to continue beating on the Seer who has not attacked them even once until she slips into a coma.

The Seer lies dying in a pool of her own blood.

Seer +1, frustrated at this point, finally lashes out and casts “rotting flesh” on Aenaiyah sympathetically and comes close to killing her. Somehow she manages to live long enough for Argus (“Good Guy”) to wipe all the sympathetic connections Seer +1 has to the room, making it impossible for him to breach the ward. #pout

Fortunately for the Seer, Arrow stabilizes her so that they can, you know… talk to her about what she knows regarding the whereabouts of Aenaiyah’s sister. (He does this after he gets the wasps to leave the room of course.) It seems as though they have decided to forcibly invade her mind instead.

And remember… these are the good guys!

Mages Make Me Cry


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  1. Aww… you left out the part where I purposely shut off my own organs. I still contend that not all Seers are bad; they just have a different means of attaining a similar goal. Perhaps I’ll invite a couple out for drinks if I meet some decent ones.

  2. Aenaiyah (The Acanthus)

    Things that have been neglected in this post:

    After the seer +1 nearly killed me, my cat beat up the stabilized Seer further. Because I had just nearly had my flesh all eaten away by a magical necrotic disease. However, she did downgrade the attack from lethal to bashing. . . though it was VERY tempting to do otherwise. . .

    Knowing Acanthus mages, the way I do, I’d like to argue that she DID attack us. I don’t jump into combat with what you would call offensive attacks if I can help it. “Toss Attack Kitty at enemy’s face” is the best I have. She basically sicced her “Attack Seer +1” on us, which is similar. It’s all very common Acanthus battle tactics.

    As far as kidnapping goes: they started it! And they ~~~Redacted: Did not happen anymore~~~. Also, they put my sister into bloody ARCADIA. I swear, if I wind up being related to a tortured changeling–well, the only thing worse than that would be having to watch Argus flirt with said tortured changeling sister.

    • Arrow is still confused by what’s so bad with holding Emily’s sister in a western upstate NY town outside of Rochester and why they keep being called “changelings”.

    • Seer +1 sicked him/her-self on you after you repeatedly attacked Damien’s ex. There were multiple non-lethal attempts to get her out before the decision was made to start twisting your bones and rotting your flesh.

      As for your sister’s current predicament, if you hadn’t freaked her right the @#$% out by abandoning her none of this would never have happened.

  3. I’m going to stand by my assessment the PCs here aren’t very heroic.

  4. Oh yeah, I understand your skull now. I never realized before, he’s facepalming.

  5. Oh, come on. Most of us have never even claimed to be good guys. Some of us just want to sit at home and do experiments that may or may not accidentally destroy the world.

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