Every Guardian’s Worst Nightmare

Do Guardians of the Veil dream of Supernal Sheep? On a good night… perhaps.

What of the bad nights? What fills his nights with terror ’till he awakes screaming in his sweat-soaked bed? Is it demonic manifestations of the abyss, dragged into the Fallen World by the paradox of raving Banishers?

Meh. These things happen.

Is it the Seers of the Throne? They spend their days on bent knee before their Exarchs plotting the demise of the Atlantean Pentacle and all those who seek its wisdom, but even they can not shake a Guardian to the foundations of his very soul.

Oh no, it takes much more than these to fill the Guardian’s heart with dread.

What does it take?

It takes one Acanthus Mage.

A Mysterium Acanthus Mage. A young woman with spikey purple hair, a smarmy British accent, and an overachieving sense of urgency. The worst part about this Mage is not that her Tarot Card is “The Fool”, nor is it the fact that she has at her command the power to warp both Time and Fate to her will.

The truly terrifying thing is the cabal in which she is the voice of sanity and reason.


Mage the Awakening PC Aenaiyah RPG at Ravenblood Games

Aenaiyah: The Voice of Reason


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  1. Aenaiyah (The Acanthus)

    I never asked f’r the job. They just sorta. . . gave it t’ me.

  2. Now imagine if the career criminal was the voice of reason… wait, that happened once. As long as Em continues serving me good beers and turns a blind eye to the names on the credit cards I open tabs with, then I’m happy with her being the “voice of reason.” Especially considering some of the Guardian of the Fail… err, Veil’s interesting faux pas. 🙂

    • Aenaiyah (The Acanthus)

      See, I can’t prove tha’ you didn’t open those credit cards while shape-shifted, an’ even if I didn’t accept ’em you’d just shapechange to use ’em. . . so it’s just less hassle t’ let y’ run with it. Also, y’ tip well. Or at least Mr. MacGuffin does.

  3. That’s not really true. She tends to be the voice of action, and sometimes the action happens to be sane. (I’m convinced that’s usually an accident.)

  4. In a world where Arrow was the voice of reason Narsil would undoubtedly shoot himself in the face… only to realize his palm was blocking his shot.

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