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Thanksgiving – Geeknam Style

I find myself suddenly startled by a blaring, raucous noise.

Roll Wits + Dex -3 (startled from sleep): Botch

The sound of a shattering light bulb, coupled with the continuance of the blaring noise, seems to indicate that instead of hitting the snooze button I have instead knocked a lamp off the bedside table and onto the floor.

Roll Dex + Athletics: 1 Success

I manage to not skewer my foot on a sharpened piece of light bulb. This is fortunate because I haven’t had coffee yet and might have died of blood loss before realizing I had been injured.

I blow a Will Power point to make coffee and grab a donut.

Roll Resolve + Composure +3 (there goes another Will Power Point): 1 Success.

I decide that it really would be wrong to ditch visiting the family to spend quality time with my XBox instead. After all, it is Thanksgiving. On the plus side: there will be ludicrous amounts of food. (Vice = Gluttony so get that 1 Will Power Point back for being willing to face danger in the name of nummies.)

Roll Wits + Drive: 3 Successes

Clearly my driving reflexes are fully cognizant of the fact that a turkey dinner is on the line! I swerve right around that fallen tree that’s blocking the road and get past the two sets of train tracks just before the “You Shall Not Pass” barriers come down to indicate a coming train, which is crazy talk because I simply can’t picture a world in which train service hasn’t been suspended due to the lack of clouds in  the sky.

I have arrived at the ancestral abode. It’s time to run the gauntlet.

Roll Dex + Athletics: 1 Success

“Who’s a good puppy? Gizzie’s a good puppy!” Gizzie is also my favorite member of the family, as she has just helped me dodge the dreaded cheek-pinch. Gizzie gonna be gettin’ some treats for sure!

Roll Resolve + Composure -2 (accute olfactory senses): BOTCH!

I start to “aimlessly wander” toward the kitchen.

Roll Wits + Stealth: 2 Successes

Brother Rolls: Wits + Composure: 3 Successes

Blast! My brother has noticed that the turkey is in danger. He is now moving toward the kitchen on an intercept course!

Rolling Inititative

How is it possible he has a higher Initiative than I do?! Gorammit! Now he has placed himself square in the only path to the kitchen and there’s no way around him!

Roll Dex + Athletics, blow a Will Power point for +3 (this is important!): 4 Successes! Ooorah!

Brother Rolls: Dex + Brawl – he’s going for a grapple… and he’s blown a Will Power Point also!: 5 Successes

Roll Strength + Athletics to break free: BOTCH!

Oh the humanity! The turkey is being removed from the oven and set on the kitchen counter. It’s…right…there… I can al…most reach…it…

Brother Rolls: Strength + Resolve: 3 Successes – he has blown yet another Will Power Point to thwart my efforts.

Roll Resolve + Composure + 3 (good thing I got that Will Power back from before!) : 1 Success

I act totally cool, like it’s all under control. With luck my brother will fall for my evil ploy.

Roll Manipulation + Subterfuge + 3 (come on… last Will Power Point… YOU CAN DO THIS!): Exceptional Success!

Brother Rolls: Wits + Empathy reflexively (he may instinctively be on to me): 2 Successes – not enough.

He has seen me run this con before, but clearly he is distracted by the wafting aroma of turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes.

OOC: I convince the GM that it was Prudent of me to fight off my temptation and lull my brother into a false sense of security, thereby getting all of my expended Will Power back. (Virtue = Prudence)



My plan is to wait until the very moment my brother’s back is turned and then dash into the kitchen to devour the turkey and indulge my gluttony vice. this will take 2 rolls: the first to choose just the right moment, and the second to dash into the kitchen and claim the turkey.

Roll 1 – Wits + Subterfuge: 1 Success

Roll 2 – Dex + Athletics + 3 Will Power : 4 Successes


I hope your Thanksgiving got you back some well deserved Gluttony induced Will Power replenishment!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Mages Make Me Cry

Roll Resolve + Stamina: BOTCH! TRYPTOPHAN FTW!


Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. It’s hard to believe that next week I’ll be gorging myself on excessive amounts of turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, corn, banana bread, pie, and anything else at hand that happens to be delicious.

In the spirit of the season, there are a few things that I, as GM, feel the need to give thanks for:

Family: No, no, no… not MY family! I’m talking about the innocent and totally defenseless families of my player’s characters. There is a special kind of cheer that only knowing you have your Time Mage’s sister trapped in Arcadia can bring. If you’ve never felt that special feeling then take it from me, you’ve not truly lived. Family, when powerless and in the hands of the antagonists, makes my heart all happy.

Of course, I would be remiss if I did not also thank the player character family that is in fact the antagonists of the campaign. Watching the dawning realization break across the player’s face as he realizes that his character’s own family is on the other side… priceless. And then of course there are the cabal mates who now begin to wonder if they can trust this guy at all. OK, maybe that ship had already sailed, but now they trust him even less!

Thanks Family!

The Gift of Giving: It has been said that it is better to give than to receive. This is never more true than when you’re giving someone a cursed coin that they can use to free their sister from Arcadia if only they can figure out how it works. Knowing that this power is right there in her jacket pocket and that all she needs to do is wield it, and watching her not let herself do it no matter how torturous and tempting a thought it is, now that is the gift that keeps on giving.

No, really, don’t thank me. Thank You!

Home: For some, it’s where the heart is. For a certain cabal of Mages, it’s where the event horizon is. I mean was! Yeah… was… nothing to see here.

Home, I thank thee.

Friends: The Mage game just wouldn’t be the same without them! For one thing it would be a book, and the characters in it would do things that actually made some sort of sense, but I digress. The fact of the matter is that without the fantastic troupe of players I found through Long Island Role Players (see below!) this game, and this blog, would never have existed.

Thanks guys!! (No, really, I’m being sincere this time… don’t get used to it.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mages Make Me Cry

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