How Much XP Do I Get For This?

So, I moved. Or rather, I’m moving. Most of my stuff is actually in my new place now (snow and train derailments have slowed this process considerably) and unpacking is happening little by little. It’s actually a bit frustrating since I only just packed the stuff a couple of days ago (at most 2 weeks) and already it’s coming out of the boxes I paid way too much money for.

Where’s a Portal gun when I need one?

Or a Portal spell?

Rotten Mastigos Mages are never around when you need them.

Perhaps the most… interesting… part of the move was my black couch. It’s a black leather two-seater (so technically a love-seat I suppose) with absolutely no handholds. getting it DOWN the flight of stairs from my old apartment wasn’t too terrible. Getting it into the doorway of my new place (also a second floor) went likewise reasonably smoothly. Getting it up the stairs… now that was a challenge!

At first we went for the Strength+Resolve approach of trying to shove it up the staircase. This worked well for some other items, but the black leather plushy comfortableness of the sofa was not having any of that. It snagged against the edges of the steps mercilessly and almost killed two people! (Tricksy Sofa!)

Fortunately I have a couple of dots in Science, and no shortage of Wits, and blew a Willpower Point to come up with a plan. Knowing that I had previously broken down two of my bookcases, and knowing that those bookcase parts were in my new place, I MacGyvered the side boards of said bookcases into a ramp that was narrow enough to get your feet on the stairs to either side of it. We then slid that bad boy up the staircase with minimal expletives being harmed.

of course, then there are all the boxes of RPG books (and other books) that had to make their way up the stairs.

RPG books get heavy real fast.

So, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, and I know I’ve owed you some World of Darkness related blog posting – and this is a pretty weak example of that but I’ve been crazy busy taking apart and rebuilding furniture. At least the computer is mostly assembled again. And the coffee machine… coffee is soooo goooooood.

Now I have an adventure to plan for Ravencon this weekend at Ravenblood Games! I’m trying to decide between running “Your Safety is Our Number One Concern” and “Quit While You’re Ahead“. Both are Hunter adventures (the system I’m signed up to run), and I was smart enough to mark the box the modules were packed in. WHEW! I may wind up bringing both and letting the players decide when I get there.

Now if you’ll excuse me I should probably try to find my Hunter book and the GM screen I assembled with my cheat notes for both of those modules. They’re in a box… how hard could it possibly be to find one of those around here?

Mages Make Me Cry


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