Straight as an Arrow

Arrow came to our Cabal through way of RetCon.

Aenaiyah’s player was running a Doctor Who adventure, and Arrow’s player was her Captain Jack Harkness. He was fabulous! We had to assimilate him.

So he dreamed up Arrow. Arrow is a Thyrsus Mage, and when he was initially described to me White Collar’s Neil Caffrey immediately came to mind. Like Neil, Arrow is a lovable miscreant. He isn’t a bad guy really, he just doesn’t let little things like the law stop him from having a good time. In fact, the very first thing he did was pick Argus’ pocket and steal his badge. Now, he didn’t look at Argus’ badge mind you, he just took it because he wanted to prove that he could do it.

And then he wondered why Argus wasn’t sold on the idea of him moving into the Sanctum right away.

So he spent some time hanging with the Werewolves. Being somewhat silver tongued he managed to convince the Werewolves’ Alpha, Aldous, to let him have some Werewolf fur. Arrow then proceeded to contact his retainer and have him post notices that he had some Werewolf fur to sell. This was Arrow’s first session with the group.

Now, as GM, I had to come up with a buyer for this fur. On a whim I decided to Google the word “Angmar”. Go ahead… Google it… I’ll wait…

Did you Google it?

Did you see how 99.999999999% of the entries are about The Witch King of Angmar… aka The Leader of the Nazgul? (Remember kids, my Adamantine Arrow NPCs have a tendency to name themselves after Tolkien weapons.) Did you notice that one other link snuggled in there about a Home Healthcare Facility, acting all warm and fuzzy like?


And so Dr. Blair was born. Dr Blair is Arrow’s customer, and he isn’t about to insult Arrow’s intelligence by offering him something gauche like money. Oh no. Dr. Blair offered to teach him the Mind Arcana. Of course, that meant Dr. Blair would wind up with some access to Arrow’s mind, but that’s a small price to pay. Don’t let the fact that his medical company is named after a prominent figure in Saurons’s army bother you. So what if Dr Blair is deftly ducking the question of what Order he belongs to? He’s buying Werewolf fur on the black market he must be on the level!

Seriously though. He runs a healthcare facility. He has devoted his life to caring for the elderly. He’s trying to figure out how it is that Werewolves can heal so rapidly. If he can harness that regenerative power he can really help people!

He can also make an army of Awakened Werewolves to carry out his every whim, but would he do that?

So we’re in the dream space of Damien’s ex-wife, and Arrow is blissfully wandering around naked, and yes I absolutely had him roll against Damien to see who was better endowed. (Damien’s ex would know. Sorry Damien.) The Mages are conversing with that part of Sara’s mind which enjoys telling secrets. Damien is totally going all lawyer on her ass, and since this is a childish part of her she’s having none of it. So then Aenaiyah gives it a shot, and talks to her like a children’s book author (a subject Aenaiyah is familiar with), so she and Sara’s desire to gossip totally hit it off! The conversation goes something like this:

Aenaiyah: So, tell me Sara, do you know who the head of your Seer group is?

Sara: uh-huh! (Shakes head yes vigorously)

Aenaiyah: Good! that’s very good, Sara. (Sara beams with praise.) What do you call the head of your group?

Sara: I call him Grandpa!

:::Aenaiyah shoots a dirty look at Damien, who shrugs as if to say “I didn’t know!” and then turns a smile back to Sara:::

Aenaiyah: You call him Grandpa….

Sara: Uh-huh! (More vigorous nodding)

Aenaiyah: What does everyone else call him?

Sara: Lots of things!

Aenaiyah: Lots of things?

Sara: Yeah, he has lots of names he uses.

Aenaiyah: Is there one particular one he’s using right now?

Sara: Ummm…

Aenaiyah: It’s alright, you can tell me. You can whisper it right in my ear.

Sara: (Whispering, but loudly) Dr. Blair

:::Arrow slides down in his seat – I try very hard to not notice this but I really can’t stop myself:::

Aenaiyah: Dr. Blair… that’s good, that’s very good Sara…

:::Aenaiyah notices that Arrow has slid all the way down in his seat and is trying in vain to hide under the table:::


And that is why Arrow was wearing RED at the Pyramid.

Mages Make Me Cry


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  1. It was always with good intentions. The werewolves would have had a much harder time finding that Pure camp on the east end of the island if i didn’t get that fur in exchange.

    And Aeniyah was always mad at Arrow because i kept calling her Emily all the time and inquired as to the age and looks of her younger sister instead of her. ;P

    I know you recorded those sessions… If you listen close enough you should be able to hear my facepalm during the Dr. Blair reveal.

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