I’ll Have What She’s Having

As hilarious as the press conference was, what happened after the press conference was priceless.

During the press conference Guardian of the Veil Argus was scanning the crowd to see if there was anyone suspicious hanging about. He noted two people hanging back and keeping an eye on things who stood out to him while not looking at all familiar, and then realized that he recognized the magical auras of Narsil (his Guardians of the Veil boss) and Glamdring (local head of the Adamantine Arrow). Since they had been clued in to this little party they decided to chaperon it personally.

He also noticed one other person with a magical aura about her – a reporter who asked a few questions and identified herself as Samantha O’Neil.*

Now Argus feels like he has someone to track down. He’s quick to follow her – having previously turned invisible of course. She heads to a Starbucks on 51st and Broadway (a former haunt of mine, having formerly worked across the street), orders a coffee, and sits at a table. Most people, if they realize that she’s a reporter from the press conference – as clearly anyone following her after the press conference would, would assume that she is going over her notes and prepping to write her article. Argus sees her pull out her phone and start using the keypad. Argus, being an Obrimos, decides to manipulate Forces to trace her transmission. He asks where it went, so I tell him that the transmission routed through a few different points and terminated at 1355 Market Street in San Francisco. He scratches his head and says “San Francisco?” and I assure him that he heard correctly.

Aenaiyah, who has tweaked Fate to wind up where he is and is accustomed to him being invisible by this point and so in no way disturbed by talking to an invisible person picks up her cell phone (so that no one else will be disturbed by the fact that she’s talking to someone who clearly isn’t there) and decides to see if Fate has anything to say about this location in San Francisco. (Argus manipulated Forces again so that he could talk to her through the phone and keep her in the loop.)

I inform her that she gets a rather strange mental image involving a bunch of  orange birds flying through the sky… and a white whale…

Aenaiyah’s player instantly makes the connection and starts to laugh.

Argus’s player is completely unfamiliar with this imagery and tries to ponder what this could possibly mean. Aenaiyah’s player attempts to give me dirty looks but is laughing too hard for it to work. Suddenly she turns her laptop to face the rest of the table and says “Is this the image I’m getting?”

On the nosey!

The very important message that was intercepted was a Tweet: “At Sbux. Pconf was interesting.” The address? Twitter HQ in San Francisco. I figure it ultimately landed on a server there. (And even though they may well house those things offsite, I wanted to give folks the chance of Googling the address and figuring out what she did.) What the players don’t know: her Twitter account was being monitored by backup, so that they would know where she went in case she had picked up a tail and gotten into trouble. That never did come into play though.

Shortly thereafter “Ms. ONeil” gets up to go to the bathroom and the rest, as they say, is hilarity. But don’t take my word for it! Aenaiyah had plenty to say about it on her blog: The Starbucks Incident

Mages Make Me Cry

*Yes, yes, I know the name is obvious. Thing is, I had come up with the situation and completely forgotten to give her a name to use at the press conference. I had to come up with one on the spot and well… this is what I get when I come up with names on the spot. I’ll come up with even worse names after this one. Trust me.


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