Coffee Shop of Horrors, RetCon, and YOU!

Listen up New York area gamers!

This year RetCon:Long Long Island’s Game Convention has something extra special brewing. If you love coffee as much as I do, if you too need that glorious caffeine flowing through you like the dark side of The Force, well then we have news for you!

Place a coffee order at Coffee Shop of Horrors and pick up your order at RetCon*! Now you can take that money you would have spent on shipping and buy yourself another bag of extra-caffeinated Netherworld (a personal favorite) because shipping to RetCon is free! (Admission to RetCon is not free, but it is cheap so just remember that coffee is groceries and we promise you won’t feel too guilty about it tomorrow.)

But wait… there’s more!

Not only do you get coffee roasted to order just for you from my favorite coffee purveyors…

Not only do you get free shipping to RetCon…

Not only do you get a great excuse to while away a weekend gaming with a lot of folks who love gaming as much as you do…

If you spend $20 or more you get a free sample package of chocolate raspberry flavored Cunningham Wake coffee! (You WILL believe you’ve died and gone to heaven. This is fortunate for me because I’m probably going straight to hell.)

So what are you waiting for? Run! Go! Now! Get to and order your coffee to pick up at RetCon!

 *Coffee orders must be placed by 8/15 in order to be roasted and shipped in time for the convention.


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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with the Coffee + Gaming assessment. I may need to look into ordering some now since I’ll be at RetCon anyway.

  2. The Netherworld (extra caffeinated) and the Cunningham Wake (chocolate raspberry) are highly recommended!

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