Shameless Self Promotion

If you’re reading this blog, then chances are you like gaming. Do you know what’s better than a reading a gaming blog? I know, there isn’t much in life that’s better than reading MY gaming blog, but playing some games at RetCon: Long Island’s Gaming Convention is… especially if they are games written and run by me. (Games written and run by my good friend Aenaiyah over at Adventurer Misadventures are likewise sure to induce sanity loss.)

Right there at the top of your screen you’ll see some links to my previous RetCon modules: “Asylum”, “The Naos of Serapis”, and “Your Safety Is Our #1 Concern”. This year I’ll be debuting three entirely brand new adventures for “Mage: The Awakening”, “Hunter: the Vigil”, and “World of Darkness: Innocents”. Stay tuned to this page for module teasers!

Registration for RetCon 2012 is currently open, and you can save a sweet 25% if you register online before the end of this month. That’s money you can be spending on dice, T-Shirts, and a vast array of cool stuff in the dealer room! You know you want cool stuff, so come join us at RetCon: Long Island’s Gaming Convention this August. Meet some people, play some games, buy some stuff, fun will be had – THIS I COMMAND!

I’ll kill your character, I mean see you (yeah, that’s it) there!

Mages Make Me Cry


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  1. Don’t think I’ve ever played anything World of Darkness in a con setting (well, except LARP). Long Island is a bit far for me but I do hope everyone who plays has a great time.

    • I find that World of Darkness runs well at cons, especially for people who are new to RPGs. The setting is extremely accessible, the rules are easy to grasp, and as GM I have a lot of tools at my disposal to tailor the game to the time slot.

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