Good Fight, Good Night!

As our favorite FBI Agent and Guardian, Argus, searched the body for physical clues, and our favorite Acanthus, Aenaiyah, was busy trying to argue her way out of casting Post Cognition (or at very least grousing loudly about knowing she would be asked to), Damien (the new Mastigos) scanned for signs of  invisible people hanging around by way of scanning for consciousness other than his new acquaintances. The Moros Mages on the other hand had the most success of all of them by reaching out to the dead man’s ghost. The dead man, a stop-motion animator named Matt, had no idea why he was killed. He also didn’t see who it was that killed him. He did have an interesting tale to tell about getting clipped by a bus though.

It was a day pretty much like any other, and he was getting hungry so he ran out to grab a slice at the pizza place across the street. While trying to make his way through the mid-town Manhattan lunch crowd he inadvertently stepped ever so slightly too far into the Broadway part of the intersection. There was no way that the bus driver could have seen him, and he certainly didn’t see the bus looming up from behind him. His left side exploded with pain as he was thrown twisting through the air and landed in the middle of 50th street.  It was all a blur from there.

Matt remembers being vaguely aware of people hovering over him, and moving him out of the street and into an ambulance, but he couldn’t communicate with them in any way no matter how hard he tried. He felt completely disconnected.  He saw and felt himself being wheeled on a gurney into an operating room in classic movie style, with big lights overhead, people’s faces looking down at him, “it was all very cinematic”. He remembers being pushed right through the OR and into a morgue that looked like something out of a Twilight Zone episode. As he was wheeled up to the morgue drawer he saw a life-sized Silicone Mills Lane counting him out as a Silicone Audience shouted for him to “shake it off!” Out of the corner of his eye he could see a city bus “standing” on its two rear wheels. Its windshield washers were raised in the air as it posed for the crowd, as if it was clasping its hands above its head after an impressive victory. Filled with renewed energy, Matt stood up on the gurney to discover that it was a wrestling ring, and it looked just like the set pieces he and his coworkers had built for Celebrity Deathmatch.

Stacey Cornbread came over to give him a between rounds  interview, asking “You’ve just been killed by a city bus! What are you going to do next?” This made no sense of course, because Stacy Cornbread had been killed off in Season 2. He could hear Stone Cold Steve Austin commenting that “those city busses have some killer moves”, to which Johnny Gomez replied that “they really know how to sneak up on a person!” Nick Diamond could be heard chuckling and saying “Oh man you are so right. Unbelievable!” Matt knows that Austin, Nick, and Johnny are at the top of the announcer’s tower, a location he has spent countless hours animating, but which looks to be made of stone for this episode. It’s an interesting choice. He doesn’t recall having used a stone tower before. He decides to climb the tower to tell them that he’s not out of it yet!

Nick, Johnny, and Steve Austin comment on Matt climbing the tower. “I don’t believe it! He’s climbing the tower!” At the top of the Tower Matt sees Nick Jr, who asks for his autograph. When Matt signs the autograph, everything changes.

He didn’t know it then, and still doesn’t properly understand it, but Matt Awakened on the street that day. He was in a great deal of pain from a shattered hip, but very much more alive than he probably had any right to be. They can’t be certain, not yet, but the Moros Mages begin to suspect that they might have just found their motive.

Before Rex and Riff-Raff can begin to explain what it is that happened to Matt that day, a woman with short, spiky, purple hair comes flying into the shoot room babbling about…  puppets?

Mages Make Me Cry


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