Keep the Change

The defeat of the Scelesti, and the departure of Molly and Marissa, was a time of change for the campaign. As mentioned previously I had plenty of material to keep this story line going for a bit, but since Marissa’s background was so heavily tied into things it seemed a clean place to end the chapter.  Onward and upward!

I’d already had some ideas for other places that the campaign could go, so that was no problem. I decided that it was time to bring in a more subtle antagonist. Scelesti are the accursed, and while it’s certainly plausible that they might be luring in demons in the hopes of killing those demons (or attempting to gain weapons against even worse demons), by and large the Scelesti are bad folks. I was looking for more shades of gray in the campaign. I was looking for Seers of the Throne. The Seers can absolutely be played as mustache twirlers, and that can be a valid interpretation of them. It isn’t the interpretation I was craving though. I felt that it was time to bring in a group that might make the players question their loyalties a bit. I was hoping to make them wonder if maybe this group that is in opposition to their Consilium actually does make a few good points.  I was looking for a chance to twist their little minds!

In addition to the introduction of a new set of “Big Bads” I had the introduction of new player characters at this point in time as well. I may have lost a Mastigos and an Acanthus, but I gained a Mastigos and a Moros. I will happily trade an Acanthus for a Moros any day of the week! I had gamed with the Moros previously, but I had never gamed with the Mastigos before. Mastigos have the ability to read people’s minds, and to change people’s minds, and I had my concerns about a brand new player at the table tossing those abilities around. I have seen egregious abuse of mind control powers in the past, and the player was someone I’d never met. Sure Aenaiyah had gamed with him previously and was willing to vouch for him, but that wasn’t exactly inspiring confidence in the GM. (Don’t know why? See: The Principles of Time Travel a users guide to time by guest blogger Aenaiyah)

Then I received Damien the Mastigos’s back story, and suddenly I knew it was going to be alright.

Tune in Next Week for “Love At First Sight”!

Mages Make Me Cry


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