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I wonder what could be inside...


This post may contain some small spoilers for people in the World of Darkness Parallel Campaign. Just because you read it on my blog doesn’t mean your character knows – so suck it.



This one I blame entirely on my Co-GM… and the players. Yes, the players get blamed for this too. Or, to be more specific, Argus gets blamed for this. Argus and my Co-GM are at the root of this particular  bit of insanity. If I look closely enough at the root of this I believe I see someone with purple hair hiding behind the Guardian of the Fail too. Hi Aenaiyah.

Remember how Sangre Santo was so amused by Aenaiyah that he gave her a gift? (See: Death is Always an Option) Well, my players finally decide to investigate something, and instead of focusing on the captured Seer of the Throne, they decide to play around with Aenaiyah’s present.

The present is a coin.
It’s a shiny silver coin.
It’s a very old shiny silver coin.
It’s a very old shiny silver Roman coin!

Now, I’m fine with wanting to test it out. As a matter of fact I’ve come up with more than a few interesting ways to test the coin myself. Of course, that isn’t what they decide to do. Why? Because they’re Mages, and making me weep is their favorite thing in the universe. So here I am, all prepared to delve into the Oneiros of a Seer of the Throne who was once married to the Cabal’s Mastigos Mage and what do these freaks do?

A Present for Aenaiyah

What could possibly go wrong?

Argus: “I’m scrying on the Vatican…”
MM: “You’re… what?!?!?”
Argus: “I’m scrying on the Vatican… in Rome.”
MM: “I know where the Vatican is, smartass. Why are you scrying on the Vatican?”

Argus: “I want to find a quiet place near the Vatican that I can teleport to with this coin.”

And so Argus decides to teleport to Rome with this ancient Roman Silver Coin in his pocket, and upon entering the Vatican he decides to drop it into the Holy Water. It’s right about then that the Vatican starts to fill with steam, because the coin is boiling all the Holy Water away. Mind you, the Vatican is a place filled with tourists. These tourists carry cameras, and cell-phones that can shoot movies! Who has two thumbs and thinks that videos of my favorite Guardian are gonna wind up on YouTube? THIS GUY!

But it gets even better.

He then hits me with his plan to teleport to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Because boiling the Holy Water away in the Vatican isn’t quite enough, he now wants to take this clearly cursed object to The Holy of Holies. That’s right, the place where the Ark of the Covenant was once kept. It’s at this time that I walk over to the other table in the campaign, smack my Co-GM upside the head, and yell:

F@#% YOU CO-GM!!!

We ultimately decide that the coin simply will not go to this particular ancient hallowed site. Take THAT Argus Guille! And while you’re at it, take some bashing damage for trying to teleport this thing somewhere it clearly isn’t wanted. That’ll teach ya!

Who am I kidding? He ain’t learnin’ anything.

Maybe next session he’ll try wrapping it in the Shroud of Turin. That should work out brilliantly!

Here’s a hint folks: If you really want to know how it works, there’s a very easy way to find out, it’s called asking.

(Yes, the note is written in blood. Sangre Santo still had some smeared all over his tentacles after the fight and didn’t want to waste it. He’s nothing if not environmental. It’s his version of “Going Green”. Aenaiyah did her own version of “Going Green” when she realized that little factoid.)

Mages Make Me Cry


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  1. Aenaiyah (The Acanthus)

    Aenaiyah’s reaction upon receiving said letter:

    “Why the bloody hell am I getting post from a demon?!”

  2. Hmmm….didn’t try the shroud. What a GREAT idea. Ok. FIELD TRIP!!!!

    • Aenaiyah (The Acanthus)

      Conversation follows:

      “Aenaiyah! I need to borrow that coin again.”

      “Why, exactly? You know it’s dangerous.”

      “Yes, exactly. I want to wrap it in the shroud of Turin, see if that diffuses it somehow.”

      “What? No! I don’t even properly know what it does yet–when you put it up against an artifact like that there’s bound to be a catastrophic reaction. . .”

      “Eh, the Holy Water in the Vatican only boiled away and the Holy of Holies wouldn’t let me near. Worst that can cappen, I figure, is the shroud sets on fire.”

      “Now, as amusing as that might be–especially if there’s some unwitting priest nearby to witness it–no.”

      “I can take it from you if I have to.”

      “And I can pinpoint all the most embarassing moments in your history and have Damien project the replays of those moments into the brains of all of our Cabal-mates.”

      “You fight dirty.”

      “I try.”

      “I like it.”


      *Argus teleports away*

    • He fell for it!

      Erm, I mean: Oh no. Don’t do that, Argus. It would be really not easy for me to deal with that one. Whatever will I do now?

  3. Meanwhile, Arrow the career theif spends a quiet afternoon in the special section of the library doing research… somehow no one else is worried by this. Of course in contrast his evening provides much reason to be glared at by cabal members.

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